Create your own EOS account

Current Fee:   0.6374 EOS

Include: 4Kb RAM | Stake 0.15 EOS for CPU | Stake 0.05 EOS for Net bandwidth

Step 1: Input and verify the account name your want to register.

EOS Account names must be exactly 12 characters long and consist of lower case characters and digits from 1 to 5.

Step 2: Please generate your key pairs for the new account.

Online Generator: EOS Key Pair Generation

Step 3: Generate account and transfer EOS to complete it.

Complete account generation

Make an EOS token transfer with the following data:

Recipient: accountpower

Amount: Any amount, but has to be bigger than 0.6374 EOS. If you transfer less than the required minimum amount or any other error occurs, the transferred funds will be automatically refunded by the smart contract. If you transfer more than required, the remaining balance will be forwarded to your newly created account.